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Code-free Automated UI Testing

AI system that test automatically software without writing any single line of code.

Input your domain

Define the application that will be tested: URL address, executable file…

Set parameters

Configure the environment and settings under which the application will be tested.

Perform the test

A summary report will be generated where you will detect errors.

Completely adaptable

Self-adapts to any app domain

Thanks to its AI-based approach, Centinela is capable of analyzing any app without any previous knowledge.

Test Automatically

Centinela is able to detect errors, performance issues and security breaches with no human supervision

Zero Coding Required

Centinela works with minimal configuration requirements, forget boring unit tests.

Schedule Tests

Decide when and how to schedule your testing sessions and launch it periodically.

Top codes supported

Centinela is purely Python-based. This is how Machine Learning and Deep Learning methods are implemented.

Behaviour verification

Make sure the user experience of your app is optimal through an extensive interface testing.

Load testing

Quick and painless way to stress test your app under realistic use case scenarios.

Test Faster. Better. Today.

Centinela will provide a way to test any software end to end objectively and automatically in order to detect bugs and verify behavior.

Avoiding/reducing human resources & human error

Thanks to Centinela it will be faster and easier to test applications with nowadays increasing complexities and growing need for continuous and fast delivery

Increasing testing completness

Make sure to test applications from point A to Z leaving no room for mistakes.

Integrating testing in current devops workflows

Centinela is compatible with continuous integration worflows so that every single change in your App triggers a new intelligent session.


We help multinational corporations to test all the applications, internal or external apps and mobile/desktop apps.


For independent developers who test web and mobile/desktop applications on a regular basis. Plans tailored to your needs.

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